Quality contents, top trainers and outstanding platforma
These are the three guidlines we follow for a successful training programme

We adapt the contents to your needs, we provide materials and resources, and set schedules and tutorials. We organize the training plan and make it available for you as soon as possible, meeting your needs and going the extra mile.

Online campus

The courses can be accessed via the online campus which is:

  • Highly sensitive
  • Attractive and simple
  • Personalized
  • Interactive
  • Responsive

Our HTML5 courses are designed by a modular system, which divides and classifies the contents with flexibility to adapt these for your needs.

This is a very convenient system that avoids duplicity of contents and highlights useful tips and resources from the platform to improve the learner’s experience, making it possible as well to use contents from other courses or modules in the platform.

This simplicity has led to a great reduction of interacting elements in the browser bar, so that the interface is very simple and user friendly offering the following main items:

  • Contents: Visible, simple, user friendly
  • Calendar: Offers the possibility to add dates for events, online meetings, assessments, and so on.
  • Assessments: These block the remaining online campus until they are submitted to the trainers/tutors.
  • Tutorials: They lead to an interaction between the tutor and the student as a similar interface to the tools used in the most popular chatrooms.
  • Forum: This tool will let all the students of the course interact with the tutor and sharing doubts, queries or concepts with each other.
  • CLASS ONLINE: we make it easy for the students to access live online lessons with their tutor. The campus is custom-made for each customer with corporative colours and logos from your Company.

Students can Access the online campus in different ways:

  • via the website
  • with a landing page

To get access to the online campus you can customize the URL. Furthermore, access can be made from any electronic device or an operating system – tablet, mobile phone or PC.

The course can be accessed using the above and even has a register of times of connection in real time, which enables a precise follow-up of the course and optimized productivity.

Acceso a la plataforma
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